Redesign of my realization...

I had a website. I had a website which dated from 2014. 2 years. Suffice to say that it was obsolete. When I went to check my Google analytics, which I had not done for at least a year, I discovered my bounce rate ... Catastrophe! I was faced with a completely disastrous reality for me: being a victim of bad practice that I can denounce and avoid regularly in my work. " The shoemaker is the worst shod." It was time to act !!

A first step to properly analyze and depth data that Google retransmitted me. Discovering that my visitors come as much of England & USA, that of France. The visit duration on a page is short. And my content (blog) are not sufficiently consulted.

Suffice to say that everything is reviewed.

Of evidence to challenge

at that time , either we or frustrates you remain humble. Ok, I take the 2nd. I see myself lecturing me hard for not properly monitoring the analytics and acted accordingly.

I then make the decision to see my site entirely and set my goals precisely. Of course I also decided to organize a point analytics every week initially, with a study of changes to achieve a result. and after working on my website, in the objective of enhance my goal pictures but also text content & experimentation, I prepare a tight range of visitors for testing and receive first notice. This is treating my site as a real site, and not just a little thing necessary without too much commitment.

So I need you to give me back that I can bounce back and improve my communication with YOU.