After the beautiful advertisements of new Raspberry Pi, I decided to stick me and discover the new features of raspberry plate.

This model is the first cheap hardware incorporating a connection to wireless networks. On previous models, users had to use Ethernet or Wi -Fi adapters via USB. The Raspberry Pi 3 is a boon, because it features a built-in controller, unlike older versions that require specific accessories.

In addition to these new features, it will have an HDMI port, an SD card slot and other additional features.

My new project for holidays

My project is in particular to mount a media center initially . Secondly , I will try to mount a connected object, a touch of home automation to finally go on the field of connected objects in a very real way. And see what it turns into Snappy Ubuntu Core.

Considered at first as a game, a little challenge of techno , looking at it to consider more pragmatic IoT. Also, I will come back to give you news of this adventure.